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Eclectic Images Now Included on my Website

I've compiled images that capture some events I've been involved in. I believe it's important to share what I've learned through my writing and advocacy about Bosnia. One picture is of me at the podium giving a seminar on "Gendercide as Genocide in Bosnia" at Seoul National University in Korea. A student in the audience was from Ukraine. We had a wonderful interaction about the parallels and differences of the two wars. Others in the audience, both students and professors, engaged me in stimulating dialogue. Korea's history is rife with oppression from Japan early and in the middle of the 20th century, not to mention hundreds of years ago. The chair of the Gender Institute hosting the event, asked why I believe there is such hatred in the world. I gave my thoughts on both the psychological state of those who submit to the cults of hate, and to the power it gives to despots and tyrants, who continue to tap into fears in order to gain or maintain that power. I also posited that there are probably beings in some distant galaxy that see our planet and ponder the same thing.

I've also had appearances both virtually and live with such welcoming hosts including San Jose State University, Greater Lafayette Holocaust Remembrance Conference in conjunction with Purdue University, San Mateo Public Library, California Writer's Club, various venues in Utica, NY, Illinois Holocaust Museum, Congress of Bosniaks of North America (upcoming), consortium of Bosniak organizations in conjunction with University of Western Kentucky (upcoming), and have been on some lively podcasts.

I have been so fortunate to have had, and continue to have, opportunities to speak on behalf of truth for Bosnia. I could never have imagined, even a few short years ago, that my life would take this turn. I'll never take it for granted, and continue to advocate for those who are oppressed, for those whose human rights are violated, and for social justice.

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