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San Donato Val di Comino, Italy, where the Cardarellis emigrated from in the late 1950's and early 1960's

Four Cardarelli siblings on steps visiting what was their original home before emigrating to the U.S.

San Donato Val di Comino
My wife, Pina's roots
(Her story of immigration in "Our Neighbors, Their Voices" book)

La Piazza (the town square)

Little street traversing the town

My family: Rebecca, Pina, me, Aaron

Beautiful courtyard of a town resident

Plaque dedicated to the "interned" Jews sent to Auschwitz in 1944

San Donato nestled in the foothills

of the Apennine Mountains


Mamma Margherita circa 1962

From my Bosnia books

Srebrenica Memorial

Potocari, Bosnia
Two photographs from Selima

unnamed (1) sreb.jpg

Selima praying at her brothers' graves

Sister Ramiza, Selima, and mother praying at site of brothers' graves


Known simply as "the White House," this torture chamber is a central feature at Omarska concentration camp (Prijedo, BiH) in "And Still We Rise."

Amir on July 4, 1992, on his first day in Sarajevo, with step-grandfather

Amir, age 12 in Sarajevo 1992, with step-grandfather after escaping Pale,BiH from "Surviving the War in Bosnia"

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