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Selima's Story: Genocide in Srebrenica

Solemn 25th anniversary commemoration recognized on July 11, 2020


Remembering Ron

(a shorter version of this article was published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, September, 2019 for Suicide Prevention Month)


The Colors Within

My attempt at poetry; just for a change



"Fade to Orange, to Gray, to Black”


Is it dark where you are?

Hot, cold, wet, dry?

What have we done?

The sky is a deeply muted orange film where I am

The smoke a dusty gray veil

Disturbing the Sun

Indistinguishable from every other day

Gray like the grizzled beard I only trim when the power is on

Gray like the faded vision that visits me now

I peer out of the double-paned glass from my small home as I imagine other fellow specters do in what once was a city, or was it a desert, or a farm

The race I come from, human, gave up on itself long ago

There were brave ones, outspoken ones

But, alas, the monied ones won out; they always did

Or, did they?

Where are they now?

Under the same sky


Equality finally reached

The rich, the poor, the in-between

This is what remains of Earth

Is it dark where you are?

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