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Love Thy Neighbor by Peter Maass

I found this book to be an excellent source for what happened during the war from a journalist "on the ground." Written in 1996,Maas's viewpoint is indelibly etched into his mind, and will be quite eye-opening for the reader..

The Tenth Circle of Hell by Rezak Hukanovic

A gripping memoir of Hukanovic's imprisonment in both Omarska and Manjaca concentration camps. This book introduced me to the brutality of the Bosnian Serb genocidal campaign against Muslims and Catholics. 

The Reawakening by Primo Levi

Though not about Bosnia, Levi is the quintessential "voice" of the Holocaust. One can easily transfer his experiences for what refugees from the concentration camps of Bosnia went through. Anything he's written is masterful and a must-read.

The Siege of Sarajevo: One Family's Story of Separation, Struggle and Strength by Sanja Kulenovic

This memoir has received tremendous praise for its vivid portrayal of the lives of Sanja and her family. The reader will feel what it was like to live in this war-torn city.

The River Runs Salt, Runs Sweet by Jasmina Dervisevic Cesic

With a recently released edition of this book originally published in 1994, the story is a memoir of a survivor of both the invasion of Visegrad, and the Siege of Sarajevo. It is heartbreaking yet the strength of Jasmina shines even in darkness. Jasmina's story inspired me in my journey to give voice to truth about the genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sarajevo, Exodus of a City by Dzevad Karahasan

The story of Sarajevo is unknown by most of us. Karahasan's imagery of both pre-war, and what it was like to live during the seige, is breathtaking.

Nermina's Chance by Dina Greenberg

This highly anticipated novel explores the intersection of war trauma in Bosnia and the resilience of the human spirit. I anxiously await my copy (on pre-order)..

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