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New Book Released on Amazon

Surviving the War in Bosnia: Stories from the Diaspora in the United States and Reflections from the Next Generation is now available on Amazon. For this book, I interviewed thirteen survivors who tell their heart wrenching and poignant stories from war-torn Bosnia, and immigration to the U.S. I am so grateful to these people who bared their souls to unpack these traumatic journeys. Additionally, I asked seven young adults to write reflections of what it's been like to grow up in households with parents who survived the war. In many cases, the young people, whose raw portrayal of how they were effected, was a difficult task because they'd never truly found the will to explore this difficult question.

To purchase, click link below.

More good news. My forthcoming book, Between Shadows and Light has been accepted for publication by Amsterdam Press, which specializes in Holocaust memoir and some fiction. Publication date is November, 2024.

A biographical fiction, the story focuses on Moris Albahari, a Sephardic Jew, who as an adolescent escaped transport to a death camp in Croatia, and lived in the mountains until discovered by Yugoslav Partisans, where he joined the fight against the invading Nazis and their allies. Based on real-life events, Moris faces the life and death challenges that war brings, especially to one so young, while hiding his Jewish identity for fear of reprisals from his own comrades.

I'll be sending updates as publication nears.

For those who celebrate, have a wonderful holiday season. For all us, have a safe and healthy New Year..

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