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Dr. David Pettigrew's Critically Important Perspective

July 11, 1995, is the day that begun the genocide in Srebrenica, Bosnia resulting in the murders of 8,372 men and boys, and the displacement of thousands of women and children with several hundreds of men escaping the region to trek for many days and weeks to find safety. This was the only crime during the entire genocidal campaign against Bosniaks (Muslims) and Catholic Croats living in Bosnia that was deemed a genocide by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY).

Below is a link to an interview with an expert on the genocide, and the war by Bosnian Serbs to "cleanse" the country of non-Serbs. Dr. Pettigrew continues to be engaged in many important activities and organizations related to bringing ensuring that the truth for the survivors and victims of the atrocities are not overshadowed by the denial and revisionism that most in Serbia and Rebublika Srpska choose to believe.

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