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Why I Write about the Genocide in Bosnia

I am almost done writing a novel that starts out in the concentration camps in Prijedor, Bosnia in 1992. The story follows the lives of people who are confronted with tragedy, yet find triumph despite the trauma. Though you may not know much about the genocide, you will certainly be riveted by the authentic characterization of the human struggle to find new meaning in their lives.

It's curious as to why I have found the genocide to be such a necessary subject to learn and write about. It may be my own family's loss during the Holocaust. This stain on humanity is the most egregious in our history. Yet, many Americans know little about the Bosnian genocide. Justice has yet to be served by many war criminals who walk freely in the Republic of Serbia (carved out in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1995), and the country of Serbia. It is heartbreaking for the many survivors I have spoken with to see the denial and revisionism that abounds in those countries. My writing is a small way to counter that narrative.

Stay tuned for information as I continue toward publication of the book. I appreciate your encouraging friends and family to subscribe to my website.

Hvala (Thank you)

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Well done my friend, I can not wait to read your novel.

With respect,



Steve Jackson
Steve Jackson
Jun 28, 2021

Bravo Jordan, I am looking forward to reading your novel. You deserve a lot of credit for tackling a difficult subject. Hope you are well.


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