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My book is "live"

After over a year of interviewing incredible people, and now self-publishing using Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing, I have my first book "live." Titled, Our Neighbors, Their Voices: True Stories of Immigrant Exodus, the book chronicles the lives of fourteen people who were confronted with the harsh realities of conditions in their native countries that required them to make the decisions to move to America.

Their stories are unique, as they represent that which immigrants have been faced with throughout history. My book is not political nor politicized, yet it calls into question, by its nature, how our governmental policies are treating those who wish to start anew in the U.S.

Each one of the interviewees was willing to open up about what they essentially as a matter of survival. The need for the safety and security, and the promise that undergirds the "idea" of America, is depicted in the what they faced before coming here. Once again we are reminded that with the addition of these folks to this nation, we are all the richer.

The question remains: why would we want to lose that which has always made America?

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