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Message from an Ally

Dear Friends and Allies,

Today is a momentous day in America. We witnessed in the inauguration of what can only be described as a most American way to begin a presidency. President Biden and Vice President Harris are committed to the truth, something that has been lost over the past four years by the previous administration. There are millions of our citizens who have been bludgeoned with lies, and now see those as their reality. It will take a monumental effort to get them to see the light. The far-right has been unleashed and given license to brandish their weapons of hate against those they perceive as getting in the way of their dominion.

Culminating with the insurrection of January 6, I have long seen the parallels between Donald Trump and Slobodan Milosevic. I know that many of you have, too. We have come to the brink of civil war, and it is not quelled just yet. I believe that Joe Biden is the right person to be in the position to lead us out of the miasma that our nation has found itself in.

Truth. It has been trampled upon, but must make its comeback. Truth is what could have stopped the trauma that befell the victims and survivors alike of the Bosnian genocide. It is what motivates all of us who continue to fight the denial and revisionism that exists for so many in Republika Srpska and Serbia, as well as other corners of the world.

It is my mission to ally in the truth-telling through my writing. I am finishing up a novel that begins with the camps in Prijedor, and ends with the hope of America. I am also writing another book compiling stories of survivors of the war living here in America—giving them a platform to speak their truths, so that readers can hear the antidote to the denial and hate.

I am sending this note asking that if you know of people who are interested in speaking with me, so that I can record their stories, I would be most appreciative. If you do, please have them send me an email to

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